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If you are working too hard in your business and you think you should be making more money … then this could be the most important website you have ever visited.

Why we are so confident we can make a real difference


Well for a start, this is not just another ‘consulting’ business with lots of highly qualified business or accounting graduates with a head full of theory.

No … our business has people with lots of first hand, real life and current retail experience.


 A real retail success story … from $230,000 in Gross Sales to $250,000 in Nett Profit in just 3 years.

Hi there. My name is David Brown, President of the Edge Retail Academy and here is a brief case study of my own retail Jewelry business success.

Firstly, if you are currently in the retail Jewelry business, you already know more about Jewelry than I will ever know. The reason I bought the store was simply because it represented a business opportunity … 

… a way of making money passively!



My Jewelry store was situated in a town with a catchment population of 28,000 people and had seven Jewelry stores in total … my store, was ranked number seven and had annual gross sales of only $230,000.

It is also worth mentioning that the store was 950 miles from where I lived and I only went there three or four times a year for a few days at a time.

By applying the same strategies outlined in our Retail Seminars and our Edge Retail Academy, the store quickly grew from $230,000 in annual gross sales (and no profit for the owners) to nearly $250,000 in Nett Profit in just three years.

And no, I’m not some hot shot business college graduate … if I can do this, you can do this!



Let me ask you this …

If you have been in business for more than two years, let me ask you two questions:
   1. Do you believe the retail Jewelry business is harder now than it was two years ago?
   2. Do you believe it is going to get any better in the next two years?

I have asked literally thousands of retailers these questions, and they all answer the same way. Yes the business if harder now and no it’s not going to get any easier. So here’s one more question for you …

… if business is not going to get any better over the next two years,
then who has to (get better)?
Answer: You do!



If you accept this challenge as being accurate and real and you are ready to become a better, more profitable retailer then why not take a look at how we can make it easier for you. Inquire now and have a no obligation chat with one of specialist retail mentors. It costs nothing to ask … but it does pay!


Why you should find out if the Edge Retail Academy is right for you

Benchmarking & KPI’s


Have you ever wished that there was a way to find out how your Jewelry business is performing in all key areas compared to other stores ... and then have instant access to proven, up to the minute management strategies designed to 'power up' your profits and answer those nagging questions?

Well now you can, with our Benchmarking & KPI program … and there has never been a greater need for this potent business information or 'Retail Intelligence' than right now. The chain stores and majors are expanding and your customers have more choices and less loyalty than ever.

One of the big differences between the performances of various jewelry stores is the amount, frequency and quality of industry specific information they have access to.

Imagine being able to tap into a list of Fast Selling items in each category or by individual vendor. Think of the power for example if you knew what the top 20 selling Diamond rings that retailed between $3,500 and $5,000 were last month or for the last twelve months. For more information, click here.

Now imagine being able to compare yours sales, gross profit, stock-turn, markup, average sale value, quantity of sales, category performance, inventory levels and much more against industry averages and see where you rank in each area.

And then consider the value or knowing who the top 10 vendors are ranked by gross sales, gross profit and quantity of items sold. Some of our clients first discovered Pandora through this information and have gone on to make tens of thousands of dollars (in some cases hundreds of thousands).


The Edge Retail Academy

Now imagine having up to date and very affordable access to industry experts who can give you immediate answers to a huge range of industry and management questions. For more information, click here.

Anything from How to Reduce Discounting and How to increase Diamond Jewelry Sales to How much Inventory you should have for your size business. Anything you want or need to know is right there ... and if it’s not, you have online access to the specialist authors and mentors who write the information.

Check out some of the Sample Modules here.

Retail Seminars & Education programs

At the Edge Retail Academy, we are committed to improving your profits, helping you work less and give you greater control (and therefore peace of mind) over your business.

To achieve this, we run several Retail Growth Seminars each year. For more information, click here.

You will leave these seminars (which are also attended by Vendors) with proven strategies and a detailed Plan of Action so you can start making improvements immediately. In fact we’re so committed to this happening … we Guarantee it!

Unlike some business consultancies, there are no minimum contract periods with the Edge Retail Academy … if we can’t prove to you that we can make a real difference, simply stop paying.

That’s why we are so confident we can make a real difference to your business

So why not end the retail struggle …

If you want to work less and earn more, join us at the Edge Retail Academy or click here for more information.

It costs nothing to look, compared with the price of not looking!


Greetings to the Edge Retail Academy … a new ERA in retailing